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Our Features

The Conquest provides a unique and highly interactive online test platform which saves the students from the hassles of pen & paper assessment tests and can be attempted from any device at any time. It provides the students with a credible experience to prepare for various national level competitive exams with a methodical and successful approach.
Basics & Core
Online Assessments
Modern Metrics
Rich Analytics
Performance & Learnings
National Level
Early Exposure
Robust Test Environment

The Problem

Inept Basics

A concrete conceptual clarity is built upon a strong and clear understanding of the basic concepts. Students also need to develop a sense of reasoning in order to perceive the logic behind the laws & equations from an early age.

To instill such behaviour in a child, it becomes quite essential to inculcate a strong foundation of basic concepts in them.

Traditional Methods

In today’s modern world, technology has exceeded all our imaginations and expectations. Even with such an advancement in available gadgets and devices, most of the students still approach their preparations for exams in a very conventional manner of pen & paper assessments.

This implies that its high time that students are simultaneously introduced to a more sophisticated and structured approach of online testing & learning.

Lack of Exposure

Most of the national & global competitive examinations such as CET, IIT-JEE or TOEFL are conducted online. But our students are not exposed to such testing environments at the school level and that’s where the problem lies !

This lack of experience to online assessment tests leave our students vulnerable at times which overcasts their performance and final results.

Fear & Frustration

A sense of fear develops in students who lack exposure to the know-hows of an online examination pattern. These assessments tests are not just a test of knowledge, rather it focuses more on time management skills and smart assessment of the questions by the student.

Repeated attempts to achieve the desired result without any professional help makes the child frustrated and pushes him to a restricted head-space.

Obsolete Analytics

Every child is unique in its own way and needs meticulous & personalised attention to understand his strengths & weaknesses.

Traditional methods of learning provides a very little scope of improvement since it only presents you with the end result and does not offer meaningful insights and concise information about the correct approach & methodology to overcome the shortcomings.

The CONQUEST provides you the Solution

The Assessment tests are created by a team of highly qualified teachers who ensure that it tests the basics and conceptual knowledge as well as its applications.

Our team of professionals specialises in the latest assessment & evaluation techniques and are extensively involved in creating a perfect online assessment test for your child.
The Conquest provides a unique platform where young minds could register themselves for different academic test programs and put their knowledge to test.

Not just the conceptual knowledge, but the applications of it will also be among the testing parameters.
Early exposure to the newest techniques of assessment is essential for every kid since the lack of it exposes them to vulnerabilities.

Our asssessment tests will overall help every student to gain valuable experience with online exams and provide them with a structured approach to Self-Learning.
Conventional study pattern of mugging up answers, lack of practical applications to the knowledge, testing with mundane offline assessments restricts the growth and self-revelation of a child's abilities.

The Conquest meticulously designs the tests so as to improve a student's learning outcomes such as time management, agility in arithmetic calculations, clear analysis of information and many more.
Evaluation of a test is the most critical aspect of knowledge assessment. A good evaluation report lets you understand the key areas of strength and also allows you to focus on the concerned areas.

With modern metrics such as Question-Grade Analysis, Time Utilisation factors and Information Perception Analysis, The Conquest delivers the best possible evaluation report for your child.
The perfect blend of modern metrics and evaluation criteria constructs a more personalised and an unprecendented Analytics Report distinctly for each kid.

These reports allow every student to understand his/her stature among the bigger pool of brilliant students across the nation and thus help them go a notch higher.
Reflecting on the progress you made with each passing test, helps you keep motivated and makes you want to improve even more.

The Performance reports reveals in a whole new set of parameters that makes you think harder and guides you through to a loop of self-improvement process.
Subjects Covered
Math, Science & English
Available for
Grades 1-10
Basic Concepts of Current & Previous year
School, State and National

Frequently Asked Questions

Individual students, parents,schools and other educational institutions could register themselves at and be prepared for the upcoming assessment tests.

The registraion process is quite simple. You just have to click on the Register button on the Home Page, fill in a few details and generate your unique GR_ID & password. The GR_ID and password will be used for further login purposes.

The Registartion process will commence from 15th August,2019 and will be open for about 60 days. The details of the first program will be announced soon.Stay tuned !